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Sisters Offer a Heap of Healthy Food at Salads Galore and More

Sisters Roslyn and Lisa Ducre have created a pleasant fast food alternative in New Orleans East with their restaurant Salads Galore and More.

It features healthy foods such as a blackened salmon salad, a garden goodness sandwich, a grilled shrimp wrap and more.

The Ducres take great pride in creating healthy fresh menu items.

“We make it a point to not fry anything or to use beef in any of our dishes,” Lisa said. “We also use wheat and multi-grain breads.”

And not only is the food healthy, but the drink options are as well. They sell fresh lemonade, fresh brewed peach mango tea, vitamin water and a variety of juices.

“We want the community to know that it is very important to eat healthy and that you don’t have to fry food in order to have a good meal,” Roslyn said.

Although the Ducres run a restaurant, it was not a part of their career plans.

After graduating from McDonogh 35 Senior High School, Roslyn attended Southern University at New Orleans, where she received a bachelor’s in business administration. She later went on to become certified in elementary education. And while Rolsyn was focused on teaching, Lisa was on the path to fulfilling her own dreams. Once she graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican High School, Lisa went to the University of Southern Louisiana and Southern University and earned a bachelor’s in biology. After graduating, she went on to work in the food and beverage industry.
“I’ve been in the food and beverage business all of my life,” she said. “I was a beverage manager at the Royal Sonesta Hotel and I also worked at the Saenger Theater for nine years.”

Prior to the opening of the restaurant on July 13 of this year, Lisa moved to Houston and started her own real-estate and vending companies. Roslyn continued to teach third through eighth grades, until her health prevented her from doing so.

Once Roslyn left the school system, she explored various options. “Initially we were going to do a pet supply place, but after the economy began to fall, we decided not to do it,” Lisa said. Roslyn eventually came up with the concept for Salads Galore.

“I wanted to open a restaurant that centered on healthy eating because my doctor told me that I needed to eat healthy and keep my weight down,” Roslyn said.

"Roslyn began fixing salads with different fresh toppings and came up with the idea and name for the restaurant, while I came up with the veggie and turkey burgers and other meat alternative items for the menu," Lisa added.

“We make sure that all of the ingredients we use are fresh. We only use fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat,” Roslyn said. “Our shrimp are peeled and cleaned daily and our turkey burger patties are made from scratch.”

“Everything is made to order, like our chunky chicken salad. We make it four and five times a day,” Lisa said.

And in order to maintain preparation consistency and quality control, the Ducres train every employee thoroughly to ensure customer satisfaction.
“Lisa is great at teaching them how to grill and I’m good at fixing the salads and homemade soups,” Roslyn said.

“It’s important for everyone to be trained well because everything goes in a different marinade and has a different seasoning,” Lisa said. “The whole time something is on the grill, it’s painted with marinade.”

They also have daily specials and Seafood Friday which, consists of grilled mahi mahi, tilapia, salmon and jumbo barbecue shrimp.

Since Salads Galore opened, the community response has been very positive and supportive.

“Everyone is happy to have a fast food alternative,” Lisa said. “We’ve received a lot of business through word of mouth. When people come here, they’re excited about the menu and they come back and tell others.”

Not only have the Ducres been successful with their daily menu and specials, but their catering services are doing well.

“People really love our sandwich platters, fruit platters, bread pudding, and fresh hot cookies,” Roslyn said. “Our signature platter is the chunky chicken salad. You can order it on a bed of greens, with crackers or on hoagies.”

Because of the success of Salads Galore, they are expanding the restaurant, creating a conference room and a buffet area.

For more information on Salads Galore and More, visit 7011 Read Blvd or call 504-240-6552.

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